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Dave Popple

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Popple, Dave
Corporate Insights
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Dave is a Corporate Psychologist for Corporate Insights. His interest in corporate consulting came while watching a Monday night football game with a friend, the Vice President of Information Technology for a mid-sized North Dallas Company. His friend began sharing his work team frustrations and Dave diagramed what he was hearing, using ketchup bottles, salt shakers, and sugar packets. The insights from that night led to a two-year consulting contract. Since then, Dave has achieved his Ph.D., conducted several research projects on corporate assessment and high functioning work teams, and taught several graduate courses, including: group psychology, research, program evaluation, ethics, multicultural psychology, and personality assessment.

Dave led the development of many of the current assessments used by Corporate Insights. For example, Dave developed the F-CARS, a measure of workplace personality based on Five Factor Personality Theory, in response to clients who did not know whether they should answer personality questions based on the work behavior or home behavior. Another example is the CIBA, a measure of Business Analytical skills, when he discovered that similar measures had answers that reflected only two possible analytical mistakes.

Dave is also very interested in identifying the clients return on investment when they use Corporate Insights consulting services. Although it is difficult to identify all of the reasons for change, Dave has been able to show savings of as much as $770,000 dollars in reduced turnover in one year.

One of our clients once described Dave as “thinking out of both sides of his brain”. She meant to indicate that Dave is able to do the soft skills like training, coaching, change management, and leadership development and hard skills like test development, statistical analysis, and business analysis equally well. This unique combination of skills has served him well since becoming President of Corporate Insights.

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