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six buying roles: Webster, Frederick E., Wind, Yoram

six buying roles

Webster, Frederick E., Wind, Yoram

  • topic: marketing & sales
  • period: 1972
In the early 1970's, the industrial marketing professors Frederick E. Webster and Yoram Wind, developed the 'buying centre' concept in order to structure large scale sales in complex corporate environments. In the early 1980's, Thomas Bonoma expanded their original list of five roles with the role of initiator. The concept then classified six buying roles...
value chain analysis: Porter, Michael E.

value chain analysis

Porter, Michael E.

  • topic: finance & accounting, marketing & sales, org. design & development and strategic management
  • period: 1985
Michael Porter published the Value Chain Analysis in 1985 as a response to criticism that his Five Forces framework lacked an implementation methodology that bridged the gap between internal capabilities and opportunities in the competitive landscape. This framework focused on industry attractiveness as a determinant of the profit potential of all companies...
transilience maps: Abernathy, W.J., Clark, K.B.

transilience maps

Abernathy, W.J., Clark, K.B.

  • topic: change management and innovation & risk
  • period: 1985
Technology and technology management received little systematic attention in the formulation and implementation of firm policies until the 1980s. In 1985, two Harvard University Professors, Abernathy & Clark, challenged Schumpeter’s 1942 “creative destruction” view of innovation and argued that although technological innovation imposes...
visionary capacity framework: de Jong, Rob-Jan

visionary capacity framework

de Jong, Rob-Jan

  • topic: innovation & risk, leadership & management and strategic management
  • period: 2015
In 2015, Rob-Jan de Jong, behavioral strategist and world-renown executive educator, published the visionary capacity framework based on an eight year investigation into leadership and vision formation. Senior leaders are expected to anticipate the future and provide direction,...