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diamond model - competitive advantage of nations: Porter, Michael E.

diamond model - competitive advantage of nations

Porter, Michael E.

  • topic: culture & internationalisation and strategic management
  • period: 1990
In the mid-1980s, Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School developed a framework to assess the competitiveness of regions, states and nations.In the early 1980s, U.S. industry saw its economic competitiveness eroded by Japanese and European competitors. Porter concluded that classical international trade theories, which mainly focused...
value chain analysis: Porter, Michael E.

value chain analysis

Porter, Michael E.

  • topic: finance & accounting, marketing & sales, org. design & development and strategic management
  • period: 1985
Michael Porter published the Value Chain Analysis in 1985 as a response to criticism that his Five Forces framework lacked an implementation methodology that bridged the gap between internal capabilities and opportunities in the competitive landscape. This framework focused on industry attractiveness as a determinant of the profit potential of all companies...
business ecosystem: Moore, James F.

business ecosystem

Moore, James F.

  • topic: innovation & risk, org. design & development and strategic management
  • period: 1993
A business ecosystem describes the structure and behaviour of a network of high-tech organisations that share a key technological platform and the ways individual firms can flourish in such an environment. Dr. James F. Moore was a Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society where he founded the Open Economies...
co-opetition: Brandenburger, Adam M., Nalebuff, Barry J.


Brandenburger, Adam M., Nalebuff, Barry J.

  • topic: innovation & risk and strategic management
  • period: 1996
Co-opetition describes a strategic framework that enables organisations to classify relevant actors in their industry and beyond. The model uses insights from game theory to understand and influence the behaviour of these players. Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff, professors in economics at Harvard and Yale University and specialists...