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five dimensions of culture: Hofstede, Geert

five dimensions of culture

Hofstede, Geert

  • topic: culture & internationalisation and leadership & management
  • period: 1980
In the mid 1970's, the Dutch academic, Geert Hofstede, based his five dimensions of culture on an extensive survey at IBM in which he investigated the influence of national culture. His methodology was both unique in size as well in structure. He defined organisational culture is an idea system that is largely shared between organisational members. By filtering...
six facets of effective listening: Ingram, Thomas N.

six facets of effective listening

Ingram, Thomas N.

  • topic: marketing & sales
  • period: 1992
In 1992, the American marketing professor, Thomas N. Ingram, ranked effective listening among the most essential skills for successful selling in the business environment and poor listening as one primary cause of failure. He listed six facets that help sales people listen more effectively in personal sales meetings. A sales person should: 1....
six coordination mechanisms: Mintzberg, Henry

six coordination mechanisms

Mintzberg, Henry

  • topic: org. design & development
  • period: 1979
The Canadian academic, Henry Mintzberg, distinguished six coordination mechanisms from organisational design literature. Any group of individuals that needs to accomplish a complex task faces two opposing requirements: the division of labour of the task into subtasks to support specialisation, and the coordination of these subtasks to accomplish the overall...
hawthorne effect: Mayo, Elton

hawthorne effect

Mayo, Elton

  • topic: change management, culture & internationalisation and org. design & development
  • period: 1933
Between 1924 and 1933, research teams from Harvard University conducted field studies on worker productivity at the Western Electric Hawthorne plant near Chicago, one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities that employed 29,000 workers to produce telephones and telecommunications equipment for AT&T. The experiments initially...