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ProvenModels offers a web based library of reusable and exchangeable management models for a community of MBA graduates, executives, academic scholars and management consultants. Our information service is used by business schools and blue chip corporate universities.

Researchers at premier business schools leverage the ProvenModels platform to promote their academic work to students, fellow academics, managers and other practitioners. The platform is a valuable tool for increasing awareness of their intellectual achievements and for starting online dialogues with practitioners.

ProvenModels' mission is to guide the high potential, global business professional with the best and most supportive information services to meet the intense demands of corporate life.

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ProvenModels was initiated by Willem Moolenburgh

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ProvenModels' Digital Model Book presents digitalised management models categorised in a clear and consistent standardized information structure to improve the usability and reusability of management literature.

Management models are important generalisations of business situations when applied in context and are powerful tools for solving business issues. The transparency of paper based management articles and books in firms depends largely on individual memory and effort, and is thoroughly inadequate in today's time pressured, digital work environment.

Business professionals and MBA students can quickly sift through our Book's digital knowledge base and locate appropriate concepts for their assignment.

Registered members are able to incorporate our adjustable Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel versions of models directly into their presentations or proposals to save them valuable time and effort.

The Digital Model book is an information service co-written, in part, by thought leaders at FT Global MBA business schools and rigorously reviewed by academic scholars to confirm that each submitted management model has been scientifically tested and in use by domain experts today. The review process is based on the principle that authors remain in charge of their work at all times.

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ProvenModels provides exclusive online advertising space to recruitment departments and agencies to increase brand visibility among MBA graduates and young executives shrinking the time consuming and expensive process of recruiting highly talented individuals. For more information, contact us at To advertise directly, use Google's adsense program.

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ProvenModels offers 'model of the day' web services enabling an easy visual integration of our management models in your organisation's site. For other content partnership enquiries, please email us.

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