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customer service - frequently asked questions


Below are some of the more frequently asked questions. If what you are looking for is not covered below, send an email to customer service.




1. what if there is "no availability"?

If the service is not available, please contact us at We appreciate if you provide us with as much detail as possible, so we can determine cause, such as operating system and browser version, time of the event, message shown in browser and other relevant behaviour.

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2. I forgot my log-in information.

When you have a Personal or Author Membership subscription and you remember your username, you can get a new password resend by going to the 'lost password' section. When you also don't remember your username, ask for a new password email us directly at We will issue a new password to you, which you can reset in the 'my details' section.

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3. the log-in details I received do not work.

If your company has a Corporate Model Book or Corporate Model Book Plus subscription the best person to contact is your colleague with administrator rights to the knowledge base. Your colleague can issue a new password and/or user name to you. If this does not work, please contact

If you have a Personal Membership or Personal Model Book subscription or you do not know who is your company's administrator is, contact us directly at We will provide you with a new password that can be reset in the 'my details' page.

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4. how do I manage the list of authors, publishers, topics, etc?

As a user with publisher rights to a model book, you can add topics, authors, publishers and submitters in the "add a model" and "edit a model" section. These lists are maintained by your firm's administrator. If you need to make changes to items in one of the lists, please contact your firm's administrator.

Provenmodels maintains its own list of authors, publishers and topics. These lists are generic across all of our clients. In case you detect in one of these items an omission or mistake, please contact us at

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