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Brian Hoadley

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Hoadley, Brian
Digital Optimist
United Kingdom




I work primarily as a senior level digital contractor and consultant in the UX and digital engagement space.

Iím a keen problem solver, enjoy the challenge of Ďparachutingí into a project in mid-stream that requires reorganisation, and my value lies in working at a senior level bridging the space between technology, senior stakeholders, the business and customers.

Over 23 years Iíve been an engineer, writer, strategist, thinker, project manager, user experience professional, entrepreneur, product designer, director and managing director. Iíve led successful teams, on award-winning projects, with results and benefit to the clients Iíve worked for and their customers.

Iíve run technical infrastructure and digital design and technology projects and teams across many sectors, including: Automotive, Broadcast and Media, Construction, Entertainment, Financial Services, FMCG, Public Sector, Publishing, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel and Tourism, and others.

I bring insight, experience and pragmatism together with a strong working knowledge of project delivery and UCD methodologies to ensure the successful deployment of digital and software based products.

I blog about a range of digital topics, attend and speak at conferences (and unconferences) and enjoy networking.

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