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Boris Libois

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Libois, Boris
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Strategic Coaching @ Flying Brain, Moral Organisational Development Consultancy

My professional interests include the modernisation and the good regulation of public utilities. This also covers the questions related to the network industries (audiovisual, telecommunications, postal services, energy and human transport) and their substantial contributions to political and social integration.

These permanent motivation has led me to a successfull and well-balanced track record of both professional practice and theoretical knowledge, following an interdisciplinary approach completed with an Executive MBA. I am looking to face new challenges through complex social problem resolving whilst simultaneously sharing my experience with my colleagues.

How to reconcile high levels of professional efficiency with the shared values of the public interest services ? This is the common stream of my professional and social involvement : revitalisation of the democratic political life, regulation of the media public sphere, projects of cultural engineering and educational development, programs of social integration and urban safety. It is a particular interest of mine to reconcile the theory and practice, whatever the particular domain of social activity (political, administrative, academic, artistic or economic).

These ethical commitment drives me now in a new learning curve. After spending 7 years in the academic domain and 10 years in the public sector, I'm convinced that the link between change management and social accountability is the key of sustainable development and empowerment. How CSR may be a business opportunity to build a competitive advantage in a global world and not only a constrained cost to comply with moral obligations under social pressures ?

To face this challenge, I'm ready to facilitate or support the transformation of organisations (either governmental bodies, NGO or companies) following a neurosystemic approach.

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