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Geoff Ball

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Ball, Geoff
Geoff Ball & Associates
United States




Geoff Ball & Associates
164 Main Street, Suite 210, Los Altos, CA 94022.
Ph: 650-941-1497;
Fax: 650-948-3067;
Geoff Ball works in a variety of settings with a wide range of clients in situations that are
often complex, technical, conflict-laden, cross-organizational and involve varying numbers of
people from small working groups to large conferences and public meetings.
Resume - Geoff Ball, Ph.D.
“There is method and, yet, NO magic - except
the magic of a group of people seeing they can
accomplish more by working together than they
can achieve alone.”
Geoff Ball -- Master Facilitator
His new work, under the brand SmartGroups®
GuideBook Programs, enhances the ability of
people to work together in groups.
He continues his work in facilitation of key
meetings; strategy and strategic planning;
priority setting, conflict resolution and team
building for boards and senior management
teams; and in leading organization development
processes to address complex organizational
Geoff often brings in other associates and colleagues
to create the mix of capabilities needed
for specific project situation.
Geoff coined the phrase ‘Group Memory,’ and
often uses large wall charts to enable people to
see the whole picture and relationships among the elements.
He uses a computer with data projector to enhance the capabilities of groups working
together to produce quality results in a condensed period of time. For example, an excel
spreadsheet with projects to be prioritized can be projected and then rearranged to give a
management group a continuously ‘clean picture’ to work from in setting priorities.
Geoff received his formal education at Harvard University (B.A.) and Stanford University
(M.S. and Ph.D.). He has taught Cybernetics Systems at San Jose State University, and
Communications/Management Skills at the University of San Francisco. At Stanford
Research Institute he developed computer approaches to pattern recognition and data
analysis. He is published in technical and professional journals, and is on the board of
Aikido West.

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