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Andi Roberts

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Roberts, Andi
United Kingdom




Andi Roberts has been involved for 15 years in the training and organisational development industry, working with people of all levels in an organisation from the shop floor through to the boardroom.

With Spain as his home base for the last 14 years, Andi has extensive multicultural experience, and has worked in Spain, UK, Ireland, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

With a grounding in Outdoor Management Development, Andi has been involved in some of Europe's largest cultural change programmes and has built and managed challenge courses and designed experiential learning activities to support the training of over more than 20,000 participants.

As well as providing facilitation, Andi also supports his client's organisations as a trained business coach working with individuals and teams too boost performance and also as a consultant in the areas of process improvement, change management.

Andi's key areas of expertise as a trainer, facilitator and coach are:

* Senior management development.
* Creating a coaching culture and coaching skill development.
* Customer service processes and programmes.
* Multicultural organisations and change implementation within them.
* Sales methodologies and effective sales development.
* Business performance improvement processes.
* Teambuilding events for organisations covering a range of organisational areas and issues.

Andi Roberts has worked with over 100 clients from different industries. Core industry experience has been formed in Information Technology, Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and SME's.

Qualifications and skills

* Professional Certificate in Management Open University, England
* Professional Diploma in Management - Open University, England
* Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) - Open University, England
Specialisations in
> Innovation & Change
> Business Strategy
> Knowledge Management
> Strategic Human Resource Management.
* Myers Briggs Type Indicator Instrument New York, USA
* Firo B Instrument New York, USA
* Lominger "Leadership Architect" Voices Certified Coach - Stratford,UK
* Lominger "Team Architect" certified facilitator, Reading, UK
* Transactional Analysis "101" Certificate Derby, UK
* Graduate, Core Essentials Coaching Programme - Coach University, USA.
* Currently studying with Coach University on the "Advanced Corporate Coaching Programme" that leads to the ICF "PCC" designation.

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