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Martin Musamali

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Musamali, Martin




Martin holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management (BBM), a finalist of Master of Philosophy Postgraduate studies in Finance (MBM-F).) and a fully qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPAK).
He joined SNV Kenya in July 2002 taking up the role of finance and administration and has since then risen and served as a financial management advisor, and currently an economic development advisor. Previously, he held senior positions in accounting and finance in various international organisations including Royal Tropical Institute-Netherlands (KIT); where he was instrumental in the design and implementation of accounting, financial reporting systems in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Systems (IFRS) as well as generating management reports to facilitate the decision making processes.
Martin has extensive knowledge is business processes reengineering and has a fine touch of business strategy formulation and investment analysis. He commands a wealth of knowledge in public private partnership designs, grant management, devolved funds management and value-for money project evaluation methodologies.
In SNV, Martin is instrumental in value chain analysis and program design, an approach he has used to demonstrate how poor producers can take responsibility in transforming their lives through integrating themselves and competing effectively in the mainstream markets. He has also facilitated entrepreneurs to develop innovative business solutions that attract large capital outlays from venture capitalists to address a market need(s) and in the process developing market outlets for the products produced by the people at the bottom of the value chain. He is also a serving member of the Country Council.
Martin has the zeal for applied research, and publication and to date he has authored a National Financial and Accounting Handbook for Local Authority Chief Financial Officers and published papers on public private partnerships, financial planning and forecasting, management of devolved funds among others.

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