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I have worked in a number of different business sectors during my career among large consumer goods, information technology, information providing industry, business travel and corporate card sector, and for the last 6 years in MasterCard Worldwide.My sales and management career has been developed in domestic and international business environments. Last years I spent time leading sales business across Central and Eastern Europe - in countries like Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Turkey.
After the degree "cum laude" in Economics in Rome, I passed an intensive training on job in Procter& Gamble. After this experience in the large consumer goods sector, I accepted challenging sales roles in NCR-AT&T (Information Technology for Banks) and later, I was involved in strategic sales in the Financial Division of Reuters (the well known Global Financial and Economic Information Agency).
Last experience before MasterCard is four years as Head of Multinational Key Account Group in American Express, Corporate and Business Travel Division. In this position, I targeted successfully profitable growth in the Multinational Corporations Arena.I joined MasterCard Worldwide in 2002, in the European Regional Account Division. I'm still the Senior Business leader accounting for UniCredit Group , in Italy and across Europe, leading a Sales and Delivery Team who support the development of the UniCredit' Retail Banking Business, with a focus on the area of payments.
Through the network of local offices and profitable UniCredit headquarter relationship, my MasterCard "Sales Team" can understand and meet the diverse needs of UniCredit in the very different types of markets throughout Europe, enabling people to do business in their own way and in their own language.
I have successfully tracked record in running this complex organization and I have recently enlarged my responsibility maintaining the Regional Leadership and extend the business scope with other National Accounts (Banks and Financial Institutions in Italy). I am actually working as Head of Sales in Italy, deputy General Manager.


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