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Chris Anderson

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Anderson, Chris
Managing Consultant
Beyond Boundaries Consulting Ltd
United Kingdom




Chris Anderson

Chris has a background in leading and contributing to strategic development in organisations across the UK and Europe. When he is not climbing mountains and hiking in wild places his passion is in understanding the dynamics associated with project teams and helping them increase their self awareness.

His consulting style encourages individuals to benefit from the space to focus on effective working patterns where individuals are allowed to bring more of who they are into a group, use their own authority system comfortably, and accept and managing challenge as part of a healthy team/group decision making processes
Some examples of his experience with individuals and groups include:

a) Consulting to and working with Senior Project Managers in a major contracting organisation to develop process models to deliver improvements to individual and team performance. The focus being one the customer relationship and supporting team leaders, faced with high degrees of pessimism in their groups, during this transformational period.

b) An organisational development intervention to work with project managers. Chris supported the team through a restructuring and increased levels of awareness in their ability to produce high quality tenders and appropriate resource management for their client work.

He has worked in the nuclear, petrochemicals, utilities and public sectors. In the utilities sector particularly, Chris has worked with an aspiring board, their issues, both perceived and real, around strategy, leadership and culture. Working with this group to provide a setting and situation where individuals are able to clarify their purpose, raise their self-awareness, and to reflect on their ways of working and their relationships is a key activity.

He has an MSc in Organisational Development and Consultancy from Sheffield Hallam University. He is qualified in FIRO-B and has used this for over three years in his consulting role.

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