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Gerard Uijtendaal

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Uijtendaal, Gerard
Uijtendaal Accountants
Russian Federation




Gerard uijtendaal is the former Talent Leader of one of the Big4 accounting firms, based in Moscow. Gerard is a very experienced trainer, especially on Leadership Issues and Personal Effectiveness. He developed several Leadership Trainings, including Financial Advisory Excellence, Coaching and Counseling, Advanced Leadership Programme and Influencing Others.
Gerard is associated with Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands and he was guest lecturer at the Wageningen University’s MBA program for Food and Agro Business. He trained auditors as part of their ‘education permanente’. He has conducted trainings in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Poland, UK and the Netherlands.
Gerard is educated as a certified auditor, but has found his vocation in Leadership Development and Coaching. Gerard writes a blog in “het Financiele Dagblad”, the leading Dutch financial newspaper, on his work and career as an expat in Moscow. He is often asked to deliver presentations and lectures on various subjects and has been chairman at various international conferences.
Currently, Gerard is active as interim manager, trainer and coach, based in Moscow. His clients are mainly Western companies, investing in enhancing their effectiveness while working transparent and ethical in emerging markets. He has a special focus on Leadership, organizational effectiveness and personal development. He is member of the Russian Association of Independent Directors and the Dutch Association of Accountants.

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